• Benefit from cultural immersion in an elite American University with American students
  • Reinforce communication skills through daily interaction with American teens of the same age
  • Learn and practice various sports under the guidance of an American University Head Coach
  • Form a better understanding of the social, scholastic and academic life of an elite US University

Who: Students between 12 and 18 years of age
July (minimum 3 weeks)
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
University Housing with American students

Program Description:

Cornell University is situated on 745 acres in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  Cornell is one of the prestigious Ivy League schools, one of the top eight universities in the country including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

The USAI-Cornell program offers International students a complete cultural and language immersion in an elite US University.  All international students live with American students of the same age and participate in activities together.

International students reside in campus housing, sharing rooms with 1 or 2 American students.   Cornell’s dining service is considered number one in the country among American Universities.  Breakfasts and dinners are served in the Robert Purcell Community Center, along with other University residents.  There is also a large recreation area in the Community Center, with large screen televisions, billiards, games, snack bar, etc.  Lunches are served at various locations depending on the sports activities for that day.

Supervision of International Students:

All students remain on campus at all times. They are under trained supervision all day unless they have authorization to leave (local excursions, travel to/from airport). The program has a medical director responsible for the administration of all medicines as well as the general health of its students.

Social Activities:

Each day international students participate in recreational activities with American students of the same age; these activities include swimming, bowling, movies, video games, basketball, volleyball, go-carting, etc.  Each Saturday there are excursions off campus (Niagara Falls, National parks, shopping malls, etc.)

Sports Clinics:

Students participate in sports clinics run by the University’s Head Coach.  The clinics are a combination of English class with actual sports.  Students choose a clinic each week from the following list (all programs are co-ed unless otherwise indicated):

Week 1  —  Boys soccer, softball, swimming, golf

Week 2  —  Golf, boys lacrosse, tennis

Week 3  —  Baseball, girls field hockey, sailing, swimming, tennis, track

Week 4  —  Girls volleyball, tennis, girls soccer