Higher EducationThe decision to apply to study at a North American University is not an easy one. It requires a dedicated investment of time and money, particularly if the student intends to pursue a degree and a career. The application process is complicated, and the student will be competing against other international students for a relatively small number of openings (universities generally limit their foreign student population to 10%). While test scores are important, the essays, recommendations and interviews are often a more valuable way to differentiate one student from another.

USAI experienced staff provides counseling and support to maximize students chances to get accepted in their preferred schools and make the process as smooth as possible: from choosing the right school, to going through the entire application and test process to finally organizing the student’s new life in America:

Initial Interview:
USAI staff conducts interviews to assess academic, geographic, social, and financial needs and goals. This assessment is free and without obligation.

School Selection:
USAI works with the international student selecting those Colleges and Universities that best match the criteria previously identified.

Application Process:
USAI provides support with the application forms to be submitted to schools, exam registrations (SAT, TOEFL, ACT), reviewing the essays and other written materials, teacher recommendations and current grades, extracurricular supporting documents, and submitting the final package. USAI staff can also assist in applying for financial aid and/or identifying grants and scholarships available to international students.

Admission Process:
USAI assists the international student in selecting a school once acceptance has been issued by more than one institution. USAI also supports the international student in the process of obtaining a student visa.

USAI staff can assist the international student with all travel logistics to the school: airfare, flight insurance, lodging for the family (if they accompany the student), airport service, etc.

Follow up:
If necessary, USAI staff can periodically follow-up with the student’s professors and guidance counselors and provide international partners with a report, serving as a liaison between the university and the parents.