USAI2012 – Leadership Programs – Rhode Island Animal Adventure (Download PDF)

  • Cultural immersion with American teenagers
  • improve English comprehension with emphasis on oral skills
  • gain knowledge of American rural and camp life.

Who: Students 12 to 14 years of age
When: Last two weeks in July
Where: Rhode Island and Cape Cod areas
Lodging: Cabins and lodges

The Rhode Island Animal Adventure Program is designed for students looking for an opportunity to volunteer and meet new friends during the summer. Each participant will be expected to participate in the activities and work involved with the trip. This work can be physically demanding and, at times, difficult, but very rewarding and fun.

Program Description:

This beginner service adventure teaches girls all about animals. Students will be volunteering in an animal shelter for a few hours each day, learning about the basic cares and needs of dogs and cats. As they walk, clean and socialize the animals, students will earn a minimum of 10 hours of community service while meeting people just as crazy about animals as themselves. When not at the shelter, the group will enjoy exploring exotic animals at the zoo, as well as ocean life during a whale watch and trip to the aquarium.

Aside from volunteering a few hours per day at local animal shelters, participants will visit the Mystic Aquarium, the Seaport Museum, the Roger William’s Zoo, go hiking on nature trails and journey out to sea on a Whale Watch.