• Provide a cultural immersion environment with American teens
  • Improve oral skills and language comprehension
  • Practice a wide range of land and aquatic sports, equestrian, plastic, visual and performing arts
  • Gain a better understanding of the American Camp culture

Who: Students between 10 and 15 years of age
When: July and August
Where: Chesapeake Bay Area
Lodging: Cabins with American students of the same age

Program Description:

Located on over three hundred acres along the Chesapeake Bay, the camp is less than two hours from Philadelphia and Washington, DC. A traditional camp with land, aquatic and equestrian activities

Modern and rustic cabins and lodges provide comfortable sleeping, eating and indoor play space. Campers are broken down into smaller villages by age for housing and activities during their time at camp. Cabin groups are by far the most important feature of camp for making friends, and the friends your child makes in one summer at camp will last a lifetime.

Sailing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, fishing, rowing, canoeing, kayaking and water play of all kinds rounds out the experience. There are fields for sports and games, climbing towers, ropes, arts & crafts. There is also an equestrian program. The pool is available for a relaxing swim or hopping in for a game of water basketball; it is a great way for campers to break up the warm summer day. Finally, the arts are not forgotten: guitar, drawing, creative writing, painting, dance, drama, photography and cooking — these activities are great ways to break up the active day and slow down a little, get in some shade, and use a different part of the brain for a while.